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Free divorce advice for Good Divorce Week 2020

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30 November – 4 December 2020 is Good Divorce Week, an initiative run each year by leading family law network Resolution.

As a Resolution member, our family law specialist Ismotara Begum will be offering free 30-minute divorce consultations for new clients. This is your chance to ask questions, whether about a specific issue or more generally about how divorce works and what you need to do.

The aim of Good Divorce Week is to help bust myths about how divorce works (such as the idea that it needs to be a fight with the two parties ‘at each other’s throats’) as well as promoting the values that Resolution members subscribe to, including that divorce can be made much easier for everyone with the right legal support and an amicable approach.

By providing a free half hour of advice, we hope to remove some of the stress, uncertainty and confusion for people facing divorce, and to show potential clients the value of working with our friendly, expert team.

With local offices in Hoddesdon and Broxbourne, we work with clients from across Hertfordshire, as well as a growing number of clients elsewhere in England, Wales and abroad.

We will be happy to speak over the phone, via email or through video conferencing for your safety and convenience.

So, if you are facing the prospect of divorce and need advice or have any questions about getting divorced that you need answered, please get in touch.

Book a free half hour consultation with our divorce solicitor in Hertfordshire

For a free 30-minute informal discussion with family law specialist Ismotara Begum, please get in touch using the contact buttons below.

What to expect at your free initial divorce consultation

In your initial conversation with our team, we will:

  • Ask about your situation
  • Identify any particular concerns you have or things you need to achieve
  • Answer your questions in plain English
  • Talk through your legal options with you
  • Advise you on what you need to do next
  • Explain how we can help with your divorce

You should then have all of the information to decide what to do next. And, please be assured, following your consultation you will be under no obligation to use our firm for your divorce, although obviously we hope that you will!

Find out more about our divorce services.

What is Resolution and how do they help remove conflict from divorce and separation?

Resolution describes itself as “a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way”.

What does that mean? It means that family lawyers who sign up to the Resolution Code of Practice have made a commitment to principles including:

  • Reducing conflict and confrontation
  • Acting with honesty, integrity and objectivity
  • Treating people with respect
  • Ensuring families understand the long term practical and emotional consequences of the choices they make
  • Helping families to put the interests of children first

Resolution members must sign up to this Code of Practice and will always work to continually learn and develop their skills, allowing them to provide the best possible service for families going through divorce and separation.

Why choose Braddon & Snow for your divorce?

Personal service focused on your goals

When dealing with divorce and separation, the first question we always ask is: “What do you want to achieve?”. We know that every situation is different, so we will always make sure that the approach we take is matched to the things that matter to you. This way, we can help you to navigate the immediate issues, while getting you the right outcome for your long-term happiness and security.

Keep conflict to a minimum

For most people, avoiding conflict is one of their top priorities during divorce. Our team have strong skills in negotiation, meaning we can typically achieve a fair outcome that works for everyone without the need for court proceedings. We can also refer clients for options such as mediation, which can be highly effective for finance matters and arrangements for children.

Robust representation when you need it

Where court proceedings are required, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect, including the likely outcomes and costs involved. We will then make sure you have the best possible representation for any hearings that take place.

A team who really cares by your side

Whatever approach is needed, our family lawyers will be by your side, every step of the way, giving you all of the legal and emotional support you need. Because, ultimately, what we care about is getting the best possible outcome for our clients. After all, that’s why we do this job.

Our divorce fees

Fixed fee divorce

We are able to assist with some aspects of divorce proceedings on a fixed fee basis. This includes preparing and submitting the divorce petition or responding to the divorce petition (for uncontested divorces).

This means you will know exactly how much these parts of your divorce will cost to deal with in advance.

Hourly rates for divorce advice

For more complex work, where the time involved is harder to predict (such as making financial settlements and arrangements for children), we will typically work to an agreed hourly rate.

We will provide a realistic estimate of costs and keep you updated about expenditure, so you always remain in control of the costs.

Book a free half hour consultation with our divorce solicitor in Hertfordshire

For a free 30-minute informal discussion with a family law specialist, please get in touch using the contact buttons below.