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What Does No Fault Divorce Mean for Separating Couples?

  • Posted

From 6 April 2022 the divorce ‘blame game’ has ended with new no fault divorce rules coming into effect across England and Wales. These new laws will allow couples who are married or in a civil partnership to separate more cooperatively without...

42% of High Net worth Individuals Plan to Leave Their Partners

  • Posted

Nearly half of well-off individuals intend to leave their partners due to relationship breakdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 250 persons earning over £200k in c-suite-level positions, with a minimum of £2 million capital assets, recently...

Parents Could Face Costs Orders for Taking Unnecessary Cases to Court

  • Posted

The government plans to tackle an increase in what it deems “unnecessary” court proceedings by introducing changes that mean parents could be subject to costs orders if they fail to engage with alternative dispute resolution before taking a case...

How Long Before Divorce is Automatic?

  • Posted

There is no specific time frame or type of situation that grants an “automatic” divorce, nor is it currently a part of any UK law. When an individual or separating couple wants to apply for divorce, the petitioner must provide proof that there...

Residential Property Shared Ownership Is Changing to Become More Accessible to First-time Buyers

  • Posted

The COVID-19 pandemic has made stepping onto the housing ladder even harder for first-time buyers, with a 12% fall between July and December 2020, but the changes to the shared ownership scheme means it could now increase the number of first-time buyers in...

The UK property market is very much alive, with the number of £1m first-time buyers doubling

  • Posted

It seems as though fears for the UK property market during the early stages of the pandemic may have been premature. Research from Hamptons reports that over 6,000 first-time buyers spent over £1million on their first home in 2020 - which is...

First time buyers could be given up to 50% of the cost of a new build home

  • Posted

A new government-backed scheme - called the First Homes Initiative - has been launched, which will help first time buyers to get on the housing ladder. Under the scheme, buyers will be offered a minimum discount of 30% (or up to 50% if there is local...

The role of a separation agreement in Bill and Melinda Gates' civil divorce

  • Posted

After 27 years together, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their decision to part ways on 3rd May 2021. In the days that followed, it quickly became public knowledge that the couple had made a separation agreement to organise their affairs. Separation...

Mortgage guarantee scheme to bring back 95% mortgages

  • Posted

As a part of the March budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a new mortgage guarantee scheme, designed to make home ownership more accessible for first-time buyers and home movers across the UK. Under the terms of the mortgage guarantee scheme , the...

Will the Stamp Duty holiday extension revive the housing market?

  • Posted

In January, houses prices in the UK suffered their biggest fall since April 2020, which raised concerns that the housing market was set to lose momentum ahead of the initial Stamp Duty holiday deadline of 31 March 2021. According to national mortgage...

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