High Net Worth Divorce

Reaching a financial settlement is, for many separating couples, one of the most difficult aspects of divorce, as money can often be the catalyst for disruptive disputes. That means, when high-value assets need to be taken into consideration, it can be even more challenging to resolve a separation amicably.

However, with the right legal guidance, it is usually possible to finalise the details of high net worth divorces with little disruption. At Braddon & Snow, our family law team have extensive experience in supporting couples where one or both parties have substantial income or assets and are available to provide the tailored support and guidance you need at a difficult stage in your life.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to handling financial settlements, especially when it comes to high net worth divorces. The financial aspects of any separation are influenced by several different factors, which means there is a range of potential outcomes which need to be considered.

Our experienced family law team can advise you in relation to high net worth divorces, ensuring that you are confident about the options available to you and what steps you need to take to move ahead with the next chapter of your life.

The issues you may need to resolve that are related to high net worth divorces may include:

  • The division of family assets, including the family home
  • Pensions and savings
  • The division of businesses
  • Ongoing maintenance payments, including spousal maintenance
  • International assets

The work required will depend upon the complexity of your case. However, we offer an initial appointment of £75.00 plus VAT where our family lawyer will discuss the general process and give you an indication of the costs that you are likely to incur from the outset.

Our family law specialist is a member of Resolution, a network of family lawyers committed to removing unnecessary conflict from divorce and family law. This reflects our commitment to helping all of our clients find a resolution to their divorce in a constructive, non-confrontational way – removing the need for contentious court proceedings wherever possible.

We have local offices in Hoddesdon and Broxbourne, where we work with clients from across Hertfordshire, as well as a growing number of clients elsewhere in England, Wales and abroad.

Our team are also happy to speak over the phone, via email or through videoconferencing for your safety and convenience.

For a friendly, informal discussion about how our family lawyers can help you with a high net worth divorce, please get in touch:

How we help you with a high net worth divorce

When making a financial settlement for a high net worth divorce, there are plenty of factors that need to be taken into consideration. We understand that dividing high-value assets can be very daunting, which is why we take the time to talk openly with you about what your current situation looks like, what you would like to achieve and how we can reduce conflict as far as possible.

We also understand that specific arrangements need to be made for high net worth divorces, including navigating business interests and spousal maintenance where there is significant financial disparity between you and your former partner. These are issues we can discuss in detail, ensuring that you find an outcome that matches your best interests.

Our team have strong skills in constructive negotiation and, under certain circumstances, we can refer clients for alternative options such as mediation. These methods of alternative dispute resolution are often very effective in finding an amicable financial settlement, even for couples with high value assets.

In some situations, court proceedings may be necessary to ensure you achieve a positive outcome from a high net worth divorce. Where this is the case, we can work alongside you to make the process as straightforward as possible, providing robust representation to ensure your rights are well protected.

Whatever approach is required, our family lawyers will be on hand to provide all the legal and emotional support you need.

Our high net worth divorce pricing

Fixed fee divorce settlements

Some aspects of divorce proceedings can be dealt with on a fixed fee basis, such as completing and filing the divorce petition and applying for a Consent Order. This means that you will have a clear idea of how much you will be required to pay from the outset.

Hourly rates for high net worth divorce advice

For more complex work related to your high net worth divorce, we will typically agree on an hourly rate. We will always make sure to provide a realistic estimate of the costs associated with your case and keep you updated about expenditure, so you always remain in control of the costs of your high net worth divorce settlement.

High net worth divorce FAQs

What am I entitled to in a high net worth divorce?

Regardless of what your financial situation (or that of your former partner’s) looks like, the starting point for any financial settlement will be a 50:50 split. However, in practice, this does not usually transpire, as the needs of both parties, and any children, are taken into account.

The final settlement will be determined by various factors, including:

  • Income
  • Financial needs
  • Responsibilities
  • Standard of living while married
  • Contributions (financial and non-financial) to the marriage
  • Loss of benefits due to the divorce

How are businesses treated during high net worth divorce?

If you or your partner own a business, there may be some confusion over what arrangements are going to be made upon divorce. Many people assume that a business will be evenly split, but this is not necessarily the most practical solution – nor is it always going to be what both parties want.

Often, the value of a business is reflected in a financial settlement, but this will depend on various other factors.

How long does it take to get a financial settlement for a high net worth divorce?

It is not always possible to say exactly how long it will take to reach a settlement for a high net worth divorce. Generally speaking, if your finances are straightforward and both parties are willing to agree to a settlement with minimal fuss, a divorce can be resolved in a matter of months. If court proceedings are required, it will naturally take much longer.

Speak with our divorce solicitors in Hoddesdon & Broxbourne

For a friendly, informal discussion about how our family lawyers can help you with a high net worth divorce, please get in touch.

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  • "No improvement to service needed. Alison was the epitome of professional calm in going over options and maintaining patience, and indeed advised against a path that certainly would have achieved higher fees for her, but the correct call in retrospect. So I feel her advice was professional and unbiased. She was attentive in keeping me appraised of news, and maintained a polite and stress free approach which kept me calm and optimistic a final result in my favour would occur. Would recommend her, and the firm, to others." Anon
  • “Dealt with Alison primarily for Power of Attorney, very helpful and polite.” Anon
  • “I cannot think of any way that we could have had better service!!!” Anon
  • "Our solicitor has been extremely conscientious at all times, always available to advise and above all has always been very supportive and empathetic to my case. He really did make a stressful situation a lot easier for myself and my family" Mrs T
  • "We used this wonderful firm for a recent home sale and purchase, their service was outstanding. Everything was carried out with the utmost care and attention and all the staff including a senior Partner were so friendly and helpful. Absolutely top notch." Anon
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  • "I would highly recommend Braddon & Snow to anybody, very professional and efficient service. They treat you like a person rather than just a number. I am mentally disabled and sometimes I do not get respect or understanding shown to me. Braddon & Snow couldn’t of been more kind and they always took the time to explain all the legal terminology to me so I understood. I would especially like to thank Emily Morten and Jane Blackett as they really went above and beyond what they had to. Value for money and excellent staff. Use this company."  Mr M Brooke
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  • "May I say that Laya has been fantastic.  She has been an absolute delight to speak with, always giving clear and positive instructions and pacifying when necessary.  Please be assured we will definitely recommend your company and hopefully be in a position to use your services again and again." L Page
  • "We found dealing with Braddon & Snow very pleasant and relaxed.  We had a few problems dealing with the seller's leaseholder solicitors which needed a lot of patience and Teresa and Laya were very helpful at all times and very easy to communicate with." R & J Keith
  • It’s been an absolute delight and superb to work your Conveyance Team of Jane Blackett and Emily, providing first class services. Dedicated and smart resolutions to most difficult queries. Our sincerest and dearest appreciation for their magnificent services and friendly communication throughout
  • I appreciate the efficiency of your team (Louise, Sara, Elle, Melanie, Alex, Lauren etc) during this crisis. You were always easy to get and had a great phone forwarding system with access to the details on transactions. Everybody was very helpful, responsive and friendly. You can be proud of the company you work for. 
  • I cannot speak highly enough of the service given to me in the sale and purchase of my properties last week by Jane Blackett and Ken Sheppard at the Broxbourne office. They dealt with my matters promptly and with care and commitment. Nothing was too much trouble and they were always there to speak to me when needed. Everything was done with professionalism and courtesy. They ensured that everything was covered and I felt very confident in their dealings with all matters concerned. I recommend them without hesitation to give their clients a smooth and excellent service.
  • The best thing throughout this process was the professionalism shown by the Conveyancing Team at Braddon and Snow Solicitors, our case was handled by Melanie and her very able assistant Roksana.  Although we were frustrated and sometimes very ratty, they kept very calm and dealt with all of our enquiries and problems as they came along, most of all they kept us advised and up to date.  We in all honesty could not have asked for or been supported any better by these two Ladies. Towards the end, we were calling Roksana on a regular daily basis, and were delighted to hear her positive and cheerful friendly voice.  I would highly recommend these Ladies to anyone, unlike the Firm that they were dealing with, who would not even respond to their calls.